Internet of Things ( IoT )

Internet of Things (IoT) is here to change the world we know. Smart cars, smart homes, smart cities, everything around us can be turned into a smart device with the help of the Internet of Things. IoT sure does bring the coolness factor to technology.

While IoT is poised to bring the next big boom in the job market, lack of skill is citing the biggest barrier for companies looking to implement this technology. To be considered in any of the roles mentioned earlier, you’ll need to be industry ready.

Now, if you are starting to wonder what is IoT, you’ve stumbled onto the right page, this blog will get you going with the basics of the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things ( IoT ) Training Program Details:

Domain : Internet Of Things
Period : 128 hours
Eligibility : Any Degree
Selection Procedure : No Need


  • IoT is all about connectivity and real-time interactions whereas Cloud computing is about saving data securely on the cloud.
  • Machines or physical devices can get connected with other devices, systems and people to communicate easily in a network are IoTs
  • IoT is serving as a great and modern platform or tool in today’s time to streamline customer’s service and engagement in an excellent way. Building real-time interactions with your customers is one of the best things in favor of brands and customers both.

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